Hand Holding Services

SYNERSYS is an attempt to bring transparency to the Indian real estate and provide a hassle free experience for consumers to deal with their property needs.

Our Goal

We want to empower consumers to buy, sell, rent, manage and safeguard their property assets in a manner that gives them peace of mind through:

Hassle free property services

Transparency and unbiased advice/ A single point solution for all property needs whether you are a Developer /Builder /owner of the property looking to buy / or looking to sell / Lease out your property or just a home owner who lives far away and needs help with managing it, the whole process of managing property can be quite cumbersome and time consuming. Information on property paper work and other property related issues is either not easily available or is not accurate enough for you to make reasonable decisions. And even if you have all the information, you just don’t have the time to deal with it. And even if you have service providers who can help you deal with it, they are just not trust worthy or cannot be trusted to give you unbiased advice.

Hence we thought of changing this situation by initially attempting a brokerage free, advertising free listing model along with the right services to boot. But as the saying goes ‘not everything works as per plan’, along the way we learnt that mere information that is accurate and reliable is not just enough, but that real estate requires hand holding. Hand holding that is more than just the process of discovering prospects quickly but being with them, providing them unbiased advice, managing transactions, helping them protect and manage their property through the lifecycle of the asset. Especially in a country like India where consumer protection with respect to real estate is still in its infancy, being there for a client and providing them what is most important; ‘peace of mind’ is our mission.

A clear yet flexible style of operation and our value addition to your assignments puts us in a very unique position with our customers. With Custage, a lot then has to be experienced and no one would know better than our existing customers.

The most addictive aspect of our services is our contagious hand-holding. This ever-evolving feature is the key attribute of our success. Our involvement in the minutest of aspects of the project, from start to finish, is well appreciated by the industry. In short, we work with you, as you, on your project, assuming it is our project.