Environmental Services

Retail Real Estate

  • Combine planning consultancy with the expertise of our Environmental Impact Assessment team.
  • Environmental compliance services
  • Environmental conservation & management
  • Environmental engineering
  • Infra consulting
  • Advisory/contractor’s engineer
  • Urban/Municipal services

Facilitating down streaming services

  • Whetting Plans for obtaining approvals
  • Helping clients review and redesign, fine-tune, or supplement their planning and design approaches with reference to the regulatory requirements and/or the market requirements
  • Work closely with the environmental sustainability, social sensitivity and economic affordability issues to provide integrated services and„ joined up‟ planning solutions bringing in the resources of our specialist collaborators
  • To furnish specific conditions/statutory stipulations/Codes of Practice/ Schedule of rates, etc.
  • Prepare and manage planning applications for major commercial, residential, institutional, and cultural and infrastructure schemes, often supported by Environmental Impact Assessments, which we scope, manage and provide technical input to on sustainability and socioeconomics.

Clients include a wide range of developers, government departments, local authorities, and infrastructure providers